June 2, CoinNexus blockchain has once again demonstrated its forward-thinking vision and exceptional potential with the official launch of its groundbreaking “Felice Plan.” This marks a significant step forward for CoinNexus in the wave of Web3.0 innovation.

The Felice Plan is an innovative financial incentive mechanism that offers participants stable and predictable returns through staking Plan. It encourages users to hold onto their tokens for the long term, fostering a stronger commitment to the network and contributing to the steady growth of token value.

The cornerstone of the Felice Plan is its unique staking rules and reward system. Participants can increase their stake in each new staking round, strengthening their position in the network. As the stake amount grows, participants enjoy higher reward rates, recognizing their greater contribution to the network. Additionally, the plan sets a ceiling on earnings, ensuring returns remain within a manageable range.

Beyond staking rewards, the Felice Plan introduces multiple incentives such as referral bonuses, community rewards, and peer-to-peer incentives. These mechanisms not only motivate participants to actively promote the Felice Plan and attract more users, but also foster collaboration and mutual benefit among participants.

Notably, the Felice Plan also includes a network-wide dividend mechanism. Depending on participants’ levels and achievements, the platform distributes 19% of the total stake among all levels, providing an additional revenue stream for participants. This mechanism further boosts investors’ confidence and promotes the prosperity of the CoinNexus ecosystem.

The founding team of CoinNexus blockchain expressed that the launch of the Felice Plan is a significant milestone in the development of the CoinNexus ecosystem. They hope to attract more users to join the CoinNexus community and jointly promote the advancement of Web3.0 financial technology. They also look forward to working closely with participants to create a brighter future.

In the wave of Web3.0, CoinNexus blockchain stands out with its remarkable potential and forward-thinking vision, leading the future of financial technology. The launch of the Felice Plan has undoubtedly injected new vitality into the CoinNexus ecosystem. Let’s look forward to the remarkable achievements CoinNexus will achieve in the field of Web3.0 financial technology!

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