The currency circle has always pursued the investment creed of “speculating coins in a bull market and mining in a bear market”. During the bull market period, the price of cryptocurrency fluctuates frequently and in a large range, so there are more arbitrage opportunities, and short-term speculators also have higher profit opportunities; while in the bear market period, the price fluctuation range of cryptocurrency is small, and the arbitrage opportunities are not large. Therefore, people are more inclined to hold cryptocurrencies through long-term mining, waiting for the arrival of the next bull market.

Although there is a certain logical basis for the view of “coin speculation in the bull market, mining in the bear market”, in fact, not many people actually make profits. regret but too late. Indeed, many investors in a bull market are affected by market sentiment, so they are prone to blindly follow suit and impulsive trading. In contrast, in a bear market, investors need to think more rationally about investment strategies to avoid wrong decisions. Therefore, a bear market is a test of investment thinking. Like many emerging things, digital currency also needs to go through several rounds of baptism and transformation before it can mature. However, the overall prospects of the blockchain and digital currency have not changed. As a miner, you should realize that the temporary decline is just a process of eliminating the false and preserving the true. Just like the darkness before dawn, as long as you survive it, you will usher in a bright future. Therefore, for ordinary people with insufficient knowledge, mining is still the best way to invest in a bear market.
Since it is regulated by the algorithm and protocol of the digital currency itself, rather than being affected by market fluctuations, the investment risk of mining is low. Therefore, compared with other investment methods, such as stocks, funds, etc., the return on investment of mining is relatively stable. The return on investment of mining can last for a period of time or even longer, without the need for constant buying, selling and transferring like other investment methods. For those investors who want long-term stable investment, mining is one of the best investment methods. Therefore, mining it has higher security, stability and sustainability, and can also obtain a higher return on investment. “It is best to plant a tree 10 years ago, followed by now.” For miners, no matter when you want to mine, as long as you start digging now, it is not too late.

Mining methods are generally divided into mining machines, joint mining and cloud computing power mining. In theory, the former two require a large amount of funds, a high cognitive threshold, and require professional knowledge of operation and maintenance and mining. Knowledge is not conducive to the participation of ordinary investors, but it can be avoided through mining machine leasing and hosting in real life. In terms of cloud computing power investment, both the cognitive threshold and the amount of funds required are relatively low, which is very suitable for ordinary investors, which is one of the reasons why the cloud computing power market is booming. As a well-known digital asset trading platform, the global mining farm under Citex provides users with a wealth of mining services, including cloud computing power sales, mining machine leasing, mining machine sales, and hosting services. Compared with traditional mining methods, Citex’s mining services have lower cognition and capital thresholds, which are very suitable for ordinary investors to participate.

Finally, the author would like to say something more: digital currency is a market where sensibility is greater than rationality. Smart investing often requires more rational thinking and emotional control. As a miner, you should keep calm when the market sentiment overreacts, and conduct fundamental analysis in order to obtain higher returns. Whoever can grasp emotions and surpass emotions is more likely to save himself in a bear market. When everyone else shuts down the mining machine because the income is too low, you have the opportunity to obtain more chips, and when the currency price recovers, you can obtain considerable income.

The above information is compiled by the CITEX content group, which is for learning and exchange purposes only, and does not constitute investment advice. For more information, please pay attention to the follow-up content. As the world’s No. 1 mining exchange, CITEX always puts users’ interests first and is committed to providing safe, transparent, open and efficient digital asset services. In the future, CITEX will continue to be oriented by the market and user needs, with multiple depths and multiple innovations, to launch more high-quality products, and to provide users with more investment opportunities and satisfactory services.

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