Zuckerberg, CEO of social media giant Facebook, said on the 28th that the company has now changed its name to Meta, focusing on the establishment of a “metaverse”, that is, a shared virtual environment, betting that this will be the next development trend of the mobile Internet. . Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said at the company’s virtual and augmented reality live conference that the new name reflects its commitment to Metaverse investment.


The meta-universe refers to the concept of a shared virtual realm. People can enter this realm through different devices. In fact, not only Facebook, but also Microsoft, Tencent, ByteDance and other technology giants have also announced their entry into the meta-universe, trying to take the lead in strategy for this highland of technology in the future.

For the blockchain DeFi community, the ACF (Auction platform) with Metaverse as the main structure is a digital management organization controlled by the blockchain, focusing on creating the best conditions for economic growth. The on-chain organization of ACF will be built using TRX. It is composed of a Solidity language decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a web-side decentralized application (dApp). At the beginning, ACF Core will focus on capitalized corporate organizations, but its modular function is also sufficient to adapt to other types of organizations. ACF builds an open and stable value carrier, and provides sufficient possibilities for digital value flow and collaboration between individuals. At the same time, the ACF ecosystem will link key industry pillars such as 5G, VR equipment, IoT facilities, AI technology, and clean computing power to build a complete worldview experience like a meta-universe.


The ACF full-stack meta-universe financial protocol is a community-driven digital product that builds a decentralized economy, allowing players to control what they do in a decentralized open source world.

In terms of financial services and exchanges, the ACF full-stack Meta universe financial protocol will play another important role here. ACF has a complete decentralized business ecosystem including decentralized lending (DeFi), meta universe games, decentralized exchanges (Dex), decentralized wallets, and blockchain malls. ACF has reproduced a set of financial systems on the blockchain by proceduralizing financial contracts, providing players with a variety of applications including stablecoins, lending, exchanges, derivatives, fund management, lottery, payment, insurance and more.


ACF is efficient, transparent, has no threshold and can be freely combined, which can improve the efficiency, transparency and accessibility of financial infrastructure. It will help the rapid development and prosperity of the DeFi ecosystem and be accepted and used by more users. An efficient and reliable financial system can accelerate the construction of the meta universe. Users have complete control of various financial activities of assets on their own chains, and everyone’s financial operations are not restricted by geography, economic level, and trust. Through smart contracts, it can be executed automatically and autonomously to avoid black box operations.

At the same time, the entire ACF ecosystem is completely managed by “code” operation. Under this system, there is no formal management role, no endorsement of government agencies, which subverts traditional economic cooperation methods. Give everyone in the organization the right to manage and make decisions about major issues, so that the organization’s ecology can develop healthily and steadily under an autonomous system.

The ACF full-stack Metaverse Financial Protocol builds a decentralized financial system, transfers credit value, and becomes a necessary tool for the Metaverse infrastructure to provide power.

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