In 2021, a novel concept term quickly exploded in popularity, it is “meta universe”. The listing of Roblox, the first stock of Meta Universe, created a new concept myth with a valuation of nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars, and caused all kinds of capital to enter the market to develop this new future market.

In fact, the term “meta universe” has a long history. In 1992, the famous American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson first mentioned this concept in his work “Avalanche.” In the later generations, the explosion of this term also means that humans seem to have the ability to touch the “virtual world” full of fantasy.


Although the concept is elusive, the basic attributes of the metaverse are rigorously divided into multiple fields such as social identity, multiple immersion, infinite space, and multidimensional economy. If you explain in detail from the implementation method, you may not understand tens of thousands of words. Now, we only need to consider who or what technology is used to initially establish the meta-universe world.

On the technical level, the blockchain may be the best carrier for the meta-universe economic system, social identity and unlimited space. In terms of presentation, the game can be regarded as the primary form of the meta-universe. Or a starting point, the entire entertainment, social, network, and even socio-economic activities together with the blockchain.

Infinite possibilities of chain games

The explosion of the meta universe has also driven the vigorous development of the chain game field. People realize that the decentralized economy and open games of the blockchain are almost the same as the meta-universe imagined. Not only we have this idea, most of the world’s top game companies have also noticed this.

“BLIZZARD NORTH” is also known as Blizzard North. Although the studio has been closed by the parent company of Blizzard, its development of “Diablo 2” is still a myth in the game industry. After the studio was closed, Blizzard North is still exploring more possibilities in the game field.

Today, Blizzard North has once again encountered new opportunities. New Era Chain Tour: Green Card is a work of sincerity.

Green Card is a card battle type chain game. The background setting of the game refers to the concepts of humans, orcs, dwarves, and elves in Hearthstone. Players collect different cards to form card combinations (deck sets), challenge levels or fight against other players to get rewards.

Green Card (Green Card) ecology

Players first need to purchase a green card pass to obtain cards. After owning the cards, players can obtain additional cards by winning the game, and the winning cards can be used in battles, level up, sold or loaned to other players. Because card attributes play a big role in the battle, cards with higher rarity will have greater collection value.

In addition, each card in the green card ecology has a unique NFT attribute. Players can also buy more rare cards or sell their own rare cards.

After the player has obtained enough cards, he can make a free combination of strategies and create his own set of cards to defeat his opponents. In each game, as long as the player wins, they can get PSI token rewards. As the fuel in the game, the PSI pass is a necessary model to support the normal cycle of the green card ecology. Players can buy more cards after acquiring more PSI, thereby increasing the winning rate in the battle, and can also get more battle rewards and rare cards.

The Green Card (Green Card) chain game will create the next generation of the entire game industry, shape a brand new chain game market with the most complete gameplay and the most complete model, carry the dream of the illusory future, and gradually enter the meta-universe ecology.

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