London, United Kingdom – Recently, INS3.Finance announced a major upgrade. As innovation and originality in the field of DeFi can never stop, in order to maintain the competitive advantage of INS3.Finance, the Company feels the need to introduce new products and features.


INS3.Finance, Happy Christmas

Hierarchical Structured Insurance Model

INS3.Finance hierarchical structured insurance, refers to the formation of two-level (or multi-level) insurance products with a certain degree of difference in the performance of risk and return through the classification of the risks of the underwriting project under an underwriting portfolio. INS3.Finance on the basis of the existing underwriting model, launched a new full claims insurance model. The full claims insurance model can only cover one item, and insurance products can be paid in full, and the insured users can get more premiums income; there is less risk without leverage.

The existing model one is called underpayment insurance, which uses up to 10X leverage to underwrite multiple projects. Although more mining rewards ($ITFX) are obtained, the risks are actually relatively high.

For insurance-insured users, full underwriting is more suitable for DeFi project customers, and can achieve full compensation of assets.

For underwriting users, there are different levels of risk options, and the benefits are more diversified.

Actuarial and Risk Management Model Optimization

Actuarial research is centered on product pricing and reserve assessment (solvency assessment), and quantitative analysis based on risk is based on the analysis of the probability and possible financial impact of future risk events to determine insurance.

INS3.Finance will optimize the actuarial and risk management model so that the calculation of premiums is related to the real-time rate of return of the underwriting items. At the same time, the amount of coverage is completely open, and the amount of insurance is no longer limited. The main advantage of this is that the security of the DeFi project side is more complete, and it can be fully guaranteed.

DeFi Project Insurance

The current status of DeFi insurance is that the general users are not very willing to insure, and their security awareness is not strong; while DeFi contracts, asset management institutions, centralized exchanges, etc. are frequently hacked, the market does not have a more comprehensive and professional target for Blockchain projects.

For this status quo, INS3.Finance will open up the project side market of DeFi insurance and launch products that are fully underwritten, which can achieve full compensation for project contract assets and ensure the security of contract funds.

INS3.Finance believes that in the future, whether the DeFi project buys insurance for its own funds will be an important basis for users to judge whether the product is safe.

INS3.Finance has achieved certain results in cooperation with some institutions and contracts. In addition, they will integrate a window for purchasing insurance on their front-end page to more conveniently provide insurance services for their users, and at the same time give the agreement premium sharing.

In the future, what kind of surprises will INS3.Finance continue to bring people? Stay tuned.

About INS3.Finance

Although it is still in its infancy, decentralized insurance is rapidly expanding and brings broad prospects to the industry. The current number of products is still very small, but it will definitely advance by leaps and bounds in the next few days.

INS3.Finance is a decentralized multi-chain insurance agreement that empowers the DeFi community with risk protection infrastructure.

INS3.Finance provides portfolio-based insurance products, optimizes pricing models to significantly reduce costs; launches insurance investment functions, flexible underwriting mining solutions, and creates sustainable returns for participants; and provides coverage for cross-chain DeFi projects to Benefit the entire ecosystem.

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