The sports spirit advocated by world celebrity Kobe Bryant is also known as “Mamba spirit”. “Never give up” is Kobe’s own definition of this spirit. Never flinch, never give up, never escape, endure humiliation and bear heavy burdens, and create miracles in difficulties. This is the Mamba spirit. Kobe’s “Mamba spirit” has been highly recognized by sports fans all over the world. IMG_256

Kobecoin is a sports project jointly launched by kobefansclub, a Kobe fan club in Los Angeles, USA, with a community autonomous Dao. It aims to provide a completely decentralized communication platform for all sports fans. The project is developed on the blockchain technology currency security intelligent chain, which makes it convenient for fans to inherit Kobe’s love of basketball and Mamba spirit, At the same time, every story and wonderful album of Kobe Bryant’s efforts, persistence and persistence in his life are saved on the chain with NFT technology. In the future, the platform will focus on Sports spinach, NBA Live broadcast, sports competition, sports events and other activities, spread sports culture, develop philanthropy, and create sports sharing economic value Dao. C:\Users\hp\Desktop\科比配图2.jpg科比配图2

Through the decentralization and high security characteristics of blockchain technology, kobecoin’s Mamba spirit can be barrier free spread in various forms such as culture, charity and creativity. All kinds of enterprises, organizations and individuals can become communication nodes, and all data will be linked to ensure that the information is not distorted. Similarly, those who make contributions in the communication process will be rewarded with digital assets. In this way, the communication efficiency of Mamba spirit will be greatly improved, allowing more people to contact the core of Mamba spirit and actively integrate sports and life. Kobefansclub will periodically provide assistance and charity activities to backward countries through kobecoin.

Kobecoin will build a user community so that a large number of sports lovers, club institutions and stadium operators can freely discuss various issues in the field of sports and exchange sports spirit and sports knowledge. Moreover, considering that sports and fitness is a highly professional field that can establish long-term social relations, kobecoin will also open the content publishing module. Users can publish original content on the platform to help other users learn relevant knowledge. Users who think the knowledge is valuable can reward and subscribe these contents to stimulate the behavior of publishers. All remuneration is paid in kobecoin digital currency.

Kobecoin realizes an open, fair and transparent guessing mechanism. All sports guessing projects are open to global users under the function of smart contract, and use non interactive random number algorithm to ensure the absolute fairness of the lottery. More importantly, with kobecoin and blockchain as the medium, users around the world can easily and quickly purchase guessing services and settle bonuses. The low efficiency of foreign exchange under traditional technical conditions and the high exchange rate of underground banks will no longer exist. Using kobecoin, users can buy Sports guessing services in any country as if they used their own currency (as long as they log in to kobecoin), and the bonus can also be paid instantly. C:\Users\hp\Desktop\科比配图1.jpg科比配图1

Kobecoin development timeline

In December 2021, kobecoin entered the public beta stage

Kobecoin was officially launched in February 2022

In 2023, Q1 kobecoin developed its own swap exchange

Q2 kobecoin fully supports NFT free auction transactions in 2023

In 2023, Q3 kobecoin built a player interaction platform and started Dao governance

In 2024, Q4 kobecoin will be applied to all kinds of NFT sports products

Gradually launch other meta universe sports chain tours in 2024

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