The people of Zerus lived a peaceful life. Until one day, an interstellar portal appeared in the desert of Zerus, a large number of alien creatures appeared form the portal.

Thence, Zerus began to be in war era.

With more and more invaders, the defensive circle of the aboriginal people of Zerus was getting smaller and smaller. When Limo City was conquered, one of Zerus’s people suddenly awakened and evolved into a mage, briefly repelling the invaders. People discovered that they can use some special materials to awaken the combat profession and defend their homes more effectively.

Those invaders could drop dark element and fire element, which can be used to awaken their combat profession in a certain ratio, and the dropped force element can quickly restore physical Power. At present, only three professions have been discovered temporarily, including bruiser, mage and mechanic, but they believe that more professions will be discovered one after another.

As one of the professions known for raw power, they can reap the Power Element inside the forest effortlessly. On top of this, they require only a minute amount of Power Element to rejuvenate themselves. Upon the decision to become a mage, adolescents have a more cordial perception of dark elements, making it easier to obtain dark elements in the dark forest. As the natural leader, mechanics are the main character who collects the fire element, and the fire element will also be the core element for repairing weapons for other professions.

Now, Zerus is full of combat groups hunting alien creatures. it’s time to form your adventure squad. Recruit your team members and fight for Zerus together!


As one of the professions known for raw power, they can reap the Strength Element inside the forest effortlessly. On top of this, they require only a minute amount of Strength Element to rejuvenate themselves.


Upon the decision to become a mage, adolescents begins to innately sense the power of the Thunder. When it comes to the Thunder Element, their speed of acquisition is multiplied.


Natural leaders, they are mainly attributed with the task of mining the Metal Element. An essential element for the mending and crafting of better arms.

In Zerus, the skill tree of profession is granted upon pious worship of the Gods. With these powers, one may be bestowed the power of harvesting Metal Element as well as Thunder Element on their journeys to the Dark Forest. In return, these elements can be used at certain ratios upon the sacrificial altar to please the Gods. Of course, this process could be exhausting. So, when a player is filled with exhaustion, they will intake the Strength Element to rejuvenate themselves for upcoming battles.

Chapter 1 Q4 2021

An initial sale of Chests containing the Roles and Equipment NFTs required to play the game.

The sale and unboxing will take place on Market.Players can sell or transfer NFT asset to the other party.

Chapter 2 Q4 2021

Players will be able to visit the website, log-in using their account, and will equip their soldier NFTs with their equipment NFTs, trying to create the most powerful setup.

The game goes online and supports individuals to form teams.

Chapter 3 Q1 2022

Support team operations and open the dark forest boss reward.

The online ranking mechanism rewards users who rank high in weekly and monthly rankings.

Chapter 4 Q2 2022

Expand the dark forest section to provide monsters with different attributes and upgrade monster attributes.

Increase game scenes and improve game stories, and develop new game plates.

「Call of Dark Forest」Event Ⅰ:

The quiet and peaceful life in Zerus was invaded by aliens. It used to be a rich continent, but turned into ruins after the war. Now, the warriors are tried to rebuil their homes.

Open a blind box to get your profession NFT, let’s fight for Zerus together!

「Call of Dark Forest」Event Ⅱ:

This is the beginning of an era war of life and death.

From the call of the dark forest, more aborigines awakened to the professional bloodline.

These pioneers met in the「Market」to gather greater strength against the encroachment of the otherworld.

Obtain blind boxes to form your original battle squad for Zerus.

Blind Box release details:

Time: 19 December 2021 10:00 (UTC)

Unit price: 0.7BNB

Amount: 600 Blind Boxes

Network: BSC

Platform: Denfend Zerus「Market」

「Call of Dark Forest」Event Ⅲ :

There will be 500 “Mystery Guests” participating in this Call of Dark Forest

Tinkler : 160

Armorer: 15

Mechanic: 10

Apprentice Mage: 160

Journeyman Mage: 45

Mage: 10

Fighter: 80

Warrior: 15

Pugilist: 5

「Call of Dark Forest」Event Ⅳ :

In the Call of Dark Forest, a total of 600,000 elements are encapsulated in 100 Elements Boxes on average

Fire Elements: ZFE

Dark Elements: ZDE

Strenght Elements: ZSE

「Call Of Arena」Event Ⅰ:

In the southwest corner of the Zerus continent, at the entrance of the crack in the foreign land, there is a tribe that advocates force;

Adventure groups usually rest here. In their free time, they will initiate discussions with other adventure groups to improve their fighting skills to hunt more monsters;

Over time, a large-scale arena was born here;

With the official establishment of the arena, more natives have awakened their blood, and we will also see more “Mystery Guests” come to the 「Market」.

「Call Of Arena」Event Ⅱ:

In the competitive mode, you can have a fair, random and challenging competitive journey!

First of all, you need to spend some Strength Elements to buy competitive tickets, of which 10% will be collected by the arena as a maintenance fee, and 90% will be given to the victorious player as a reward;

You can bring your own Team into the arena, and you can choose heroes arbitrarily to start your tour of the arena;

After completing the hero selection, you will be able to challenge anyone;

After the other party agrees, they also need to pay the same Strength Element to participate in this competition;

Let’s win more glory for Zerus in the arena together!

「Call Of Arena」Event Ⅲ:

With the official establishment of Arena, anther group of Zerus natives awakened.

They came to the market disguised as”Mystery Guests”and waiting for recruitment;

Let’s participate in the “Call of Arena” together , and form the strongest adventure team!

Blind Box Release Details:

Time:28 Dec , 10:00 (UTC)

Unit price: 1 BNB

Amount: 660 Blind Boxes

Network: BSC

Platform: Denfend Zerus「Market」

「Call of Arena」Event Ⅳ :

There will be 600 “Hero Box” participating in this Call of Arena

Tinkler : 192

Armorer: 18

Mechanic: 12

Apprentice Mage: 192

Journeyman Mage: 54

Mage: 12

Fighter: 96

Warrior: 18

Pugilist: 6

In the Call of Arena, a total of 360,000 elements are encapsulated in 60 “Elements Box” on average.

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅰ:

The invaders carried loot such as the Dark Elements and Fire Elements. Two elements, if combined at a certain ratio, trigger the awakening process. The Strength Elements is also a loot that can be found upon slaying the invaders, and it allows for a rapid recovery of one’s breath, as to speak. The current method of awakening only allows for three professions: bruisers, mages, and mechanics. With more time, however, the people of Zerus believe that more professions will be discovered.

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅱ:

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅲ:

The bruiser is known for raw power, and is one of the strongest professions melee wise, which in turn allows them to harvest with ease the power of the dark forest in the form of Strength Elements.

Mages have an innate connection with the Dark Elements, allowing them to swiftly gather the Dark Elements.

Mechanics, as the core of the group, play the critical role of gathering the Fire Elements, which also play an important part in other professions’ upgrades.

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅳ:

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅴ:

Currently, the planet Zerus is full of various combat groups hunting creatures from the otherworld. It’s time to form your adventure squad, collect elemental resources, and fight for Zerus.

Adventure cooldown is 4 hours once.

The initial is 2400 with full energy, the default is 1200, the hero cannot be removed when the stamina is not satisfied.

1 strength element = 5 energy

The maximum number of heroes in the personal adventure team is 12, and there is no limit to occupation.

「Professions Awakening」Event Ⅵ:

Contract address:

ZFE :0xf8a644c8ed4d23aeab8593c9992f8a6951c68f3d
ZDE :0xba2f2667aa8f8fa54bf04f66ecce19ab6a3c213e

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