NFT has made its figure in the digital currency world and has become a hot topic.

NFT not only became the focus of much mainstream media discussion, but also reignited the industry’s enthusiasm for blockchain. The music industry was one of the most anticipated areas of application when blockchain entered the mainstream in 2016. In the digital era, there are many pain points in the music industry, such as many intermediate links, complex value chain, opaque data etc., which leads to the long-term weak position of creators in the distribution of industrial interested parties. So how do we make NFT music different and successful?

About Kolo Music

KOLO music library has collected vast majority of classical music works and versions in the world because KOLO Music has licensed musical works and contents from internationally renowned classical record labels such as Naxos, Marco Polo, Capriccio, Grand Piano, Ondine and Orfeo etc. And it also features many unique folk music of more than 200 countries and regions. In addition, KOLO music library gathered music works of more than 9,000 artists from the Middle Ages to the modern times, with more than 100 musical instruments involved. The total number of the audio recordings has reached nearly 3 million tracks, which includes jazz, world, original soundtracks, new century music and other music genres. As the global strategic partners of Naxos, KOLO has a strong and long-standing cooperation with Naxos, who is considered the largest independent classical music label in the world.

KOLO Ecosystem

KOLO’s Unique NFT is based on existing music works and is sold in a British auction way. Based on the works in Unique NFT, KOLO released Tape NFT in unlimited quantities and used a tiered pricing system. Sales proceeds on KOLO will be prorated to the respective Unique NFT holders. Tape NFT has ability to bind any Non-Fungible Token and give them music attributes.

Come to KOLO and become a pioneer collector!

The quality of all music works on KOLO’s website is guaranteed by Hi-Res audio format, which will bring users unprecedented advanced audio-visual enjoyment and unique NFT pioneer collection experience. The advanced music quality will further consolidate KOLO’s position as a pioneer in classical music.


What will kolo do for the classical music industry?

KOLO is not only committed to solve the problem of decentralized and traceable and immutable properties of music on the blockchain, but also is devoted to solving the problems of confirmation, protection and management of the music copyrights, improving the efficiency of royalty payment, and protecting the rights and profits of musicians. At the same time, KOLO’s vision is to become the blockchain standard of classical music, cultivate the consumption habit of paying for digital music, build a beautiful music ecological environment, expand the global territory of digital classical music works, and become the core competitive advantage in the music consumption space.

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