On December 27, 2021, it will be named by LUCHA, hosted by Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association, co-hosted by Hotchain Culture Media and SPF Foundation, specially invited by WorldChain Finance, and co-sponsored by WaykiChain, + The “Bay Area Meta-Universal Conference and the Peak Ceremony of Blockchain Industry 2021-2022” specially supported by POWER Positive Energy, Huoxin Media, and District Moving Future came to a successful conclusion in Shenzhen.

This conference brings together thousands of pioneers of the era, and industry leaders in various fields will meet here to welcome the next wave of opportunities that will sweep the world! As the general title of the conference, the LUCHA will also advance with the pace of the times. With the trend of industry unicorns, it will explore the depth of the entire industry market and empower the entire field of ecology!


2021 is the year when the meta-universe boom broke out. Subdivided industries in multiple fields are on the road to digital evolution. In the blockchain field, new markets such as GameFi, NFT, and Play to Earn are also greeted with enthusiasm. With the gradual expansion of the market, the entire industry needs a leader to guide the development direction of the blockchain in multiple areas.

During the conference, Han Ning, general counsel of Lu Qi Investment Research Association, delivered a keynote speech on “Ling Jing”. In the speech, Han Ning believed that the term “spiritual realm” would be the best interpretation of the metaverse, and the game field would be one of the best ways to enter the metaverse. The investment and research platform provides all customers with the most complete resource integration services and helps all projects and associations to evolve at a super speed in their own fields.


In the roundtable forum session, as one of the guests of the roundtable forum, Han Ning, the general counsel of the LUCHA, had a lively discussion with other guests on “how to start the’digital awakening’ in the meta-universe era”. Among them, Han Ning mentioned: The wave of Metaverse is coming, but it is also an era where opportunities and risks coexist; Lu Qi’s strong investment research team and the ability to integrate all fields and industrial resources will become the shortest channel for people to enter the investment vent.


After the sharing, Lu Qi, as an investment and research association with outstanding strength and contribution to the meta universe and the blockchain industry in 2021, was selected by multiple experts, the first person in meta universe digital calligraphy, the executive dean of the Great Wall Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Shenzhen City Information Service Industry Blockchain Association Special Advisor Tan Wengui, President of Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association Zheng Xiangqiang, President of Shenzhen Daxin Geek Association, and President of Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association He Wei , The honorary award of “Excellent Promoter of Yuan Universe” presented by Xu Daobin, President of Qi Yuan Society.


Not only that, as a powerful and influential investment research association in the industry, LUCHA won the “Bay Area Metaspace Development Committee” inauguration ceremony and was awarded by the representative of Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association. Certificate of “Founding Member of the Bay Area Metaverse Development Committee”.


In the future, LUCHA will conduct comprehensive horizontal and vertical research on the entire chain game industry and specific chain game projects from a more complete and diversified perspective. Join hands with well-known game companies and core operation teams at home and abroad to create a top investment research service platform in the chain game industry. Long-term continuous production of investment research reports, instructional teaching, exclusive scripts and other content and services. Continue to enter infinite value vitality for the blockchain industry!

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