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Voice Street, the first music NFT platform that combines music, SocialFi, and metaverse, creates a new metaverse SocialFi space through music copyright and original musician IPs, establishes more links with fans through the monetization and pass-through of artists’ own social influence, and builds a creator economy and fan economy through metaverse immersive concert space and social club space by joining the Play to Earn model. In the financial system of the fan economy, stars and fans share the profits brought by the ecological development, each one(of them) can gain by manifesting their value.

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DPGU has already worked with celebrities from e-sports (Dota World Champion 2009); musicians (Luke Nasty, famous American hip-hop singer; Kevin Shin, famous Korean KPOP musician); Top 100 DJs (PandaQ and 22Bullets); Malaysian singer (Wu Qixian and Suradej from the Thai boy band SBFIVE (Pinnirat) have all collaborated with Voice Street. DPGU in addition to its profile picture value, it’s also a ticket to the SocialFi metaverse game, with a special invitation mechanism to share 5% of the invitation revenue. DPGU owners can participate in the IMO of song copyright products, enjoy the airdrop and whitelist benefits of music products.

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VoiceStreet will launch its first IDO platform on December 29th, with Polkabridge, the largest IDO platform in Southeast Asia. Voice Street is expected to be online in 2-3 top IDO platforms one after another.

DPGU OWNERS ATTENTION: DPGU owners have a chance to snap up in the platform token IDO allocations. DPGU IDO launching will be held on the Voice Street platform exclusive for DPGU owners.

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Besides, Voice Street announced that they had established a strategic partnership with Saigon Crypto Joker, the Vietnam Game Association. Saigon Crypto Joker (SCJ) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that leads gamers to purchase profitable NFTs, spend time and energy to optimize the assets owned by the community so that they can maximize their effectiveness and reap the highest returns.

Saigon Crypto Joker has deep binding cooperation with Voice Street this time. The main focus is on the new innovations and concepts of the music track and SocialFi. Through the community capabilities of its guild, they hope to bring more gamers to Voice Street. During the Christmas event, community players were led to purchase a large number of DPGUs by them. Voice Street CMO Pedro claimed that this was also the beginning of Voice Street’s in-depth cooperation into the Southeast Asian market.

About Voice Street

VoiceStreet is a music-based NFT platform, aiming to build the infrastructure of Web 3.0 intellectual property on-chain, mainly including music copyrights, artist-related IPs, music derivatives NFTs, and SocialFi metaverse.

VS NFT Website:www.vsnft.org

Daffy Panda Ganging Up Official Website:http://panda.vsnft.org

VS-DPGU Twitter:https://twitter.com/VS_DPGU

VS Twitter:https://twitter.com/voicestreetnft

VS-DPGU Discord:http://discord.gg/daffypanda

VS-DaffyPanda Telegram en:https://t.me/VoiceStreet

VS-DaffyPanda YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/c/VoiceStreetOfficialChannel

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