The business competition of the top Internet giants is actually not unfamiliar to ordinary people,but the scenes of the top giants turning their enemies into friends and cooperating with each other are rare. Recently,the two major technology giants Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft have chosen to join forces in the field of meta universe.The cooperation is enough to show how big the cake is in this field.

Even the domestic giant Tencent can’t hold back itself,saying that it is ready for everything and can enter the game at any time,and its direction is the social meta-universe.For this field,there is actually a more subdivided section at the moment,that is,the chain game social meta-universe.The only one with leading potential in this field is You name.

You name turned out

Like the above-mentioned top Internet giants, the resources behind You name are also very powerful.Telegram is also one of the giants in the traditional Internet social field,and You name is a platform developed by the Telegram core team.You name sits on hundreds of millions of user resources to build the world’s largest social platform for Metaverse encrypted asset chain games,and is bound to seize the opportunity in this field.

As the most important core application of Metaverse,the chain game will deeply bind social interaction with it.You name will open up a brand new route. Instead of learning Snapchat or Instagram,it will capture the social differentiation needs of young users.An unprecedented model:the creation of a”meta-universe game social ecology”through the circulation of encrypted assets.

You name (Chain Game Social Meta Universe)’s native encrypted asset is Name COIN,which is committed to building the world’s largest Meta Universe encrypted asset chain game social platform.You name has a community product development and operation experience with hundreds of millions of users and is in product development.Business logic design,traffic operation,interactive experience optimization and other aspects have rich experience and technical precipitation.

You name will provide users,community creators,and game publishers with a convenient and efficient process of trading and circulation of encrypted assets.Through the first consensus mining pool,everyone can participate in ecological construction and enjoy development dividends. Name COIN can also be used as a proof of personal identity rights and interests,and is a social tool and transaction link in the entire Metaverse ecosystem.

You name breaks the game

In the context of the participation of many giants,the You name team is deeply aware that the form of the next-generation social network should be a social meta-universe,and its essence is a higher-dimensional virtual social network.New technologies such as XR (virtual reality (VR)) With the blessing of technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) collectively referred to as “extended reality” (XR),after the gap between the virtual world and the real world is completely bridged,the meta-universe will become more popular.

Therefore,each user has a virtual identity in You name and establishes new social relationships through the ecology.This kind of social interaction is no longer a physical location or offline social relationship mapping. This higher-dimensional virtual social network is,Allowing users to break through the limitations of time,space and even species in the entire ecology,and explore a new universe that has never been triggered.

You name develops DAPP tools through the core native team of Telegram, integrates social,meta-universe, games and other functions,so that users can get the most elegant experience,maximize the value of meta-universe social,which is unmatched by other companies.

In meta universe or social circuit,many failed products are imitating existing successful products,or making a product for competitive purposes.You name is different.It did not intend to subvert or imitate at the beginning.Who to challenge, but to design products around the actual user needs of the chain game social meta universe,which was born to meet the social needs of users in the field of meta universe chain games,and has always been optimized around the needs of this direction. This is the core idea of You name.


Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs on the market are used to designing products from competition,business models,imitating or making money.In the past few years,the market has been successful,but now it is an era of intensive cultivation,and user needs have become more insightful and satisfied.Difficult,at this time,it becomes more important to return to user needs in the segmented field.

The simplest principles are the most difficult to follow,because knowing is easy and doing is hard.And You name will firmly implement this idea and create its own world in the field of chain game social meta-universe.

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