At present, everything about the meta universe is still under debate. If we analyze it from different perspectives, we will get very different conclusions, but the basic characteristics of the meta universe have been widely recognized by the industry.

Its basic features include: immersive experience, low delay and realistic feeling, so that users have an immersive sensory experience; Virtualization separation, real-world users will have one or more ID identities in the digital world; Open creation, users enter the digital world through the terminal, and can use massive resources to carry out creative activities; With strong social content, the real social relationship chain will be transferred and reorganized in the digital world; Stable system, with safe, stable and orderly economic operation system.

NFT, also known as “irreplaceable tokens”, is a unique digital product, which is different from bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens that can be exchanged for equivalent value. It is also understood as the carrier of digital certificates. At the beginning of 2021, NFT concept projects such as ENJ, NFTX, rehabilitation center, masks,


In the field of investment, major investment institutions began to invest in many NFT projects. In 2021, more investment institutions  will enter the field of non-financial transactions. At present, the NFT field has formed a huge ecosystem. According to different functions and roles, NFT ecology can be divided into several different tracks, such as public chain focusing on building NFT infrastructure, trading platform providing NFT liquidity, and NFT platform providing different application scenarios (such as entertainment, games, fashion collection and so on). Element Black also launched NFT tracks around the world, bringing the works of the world’s largest artists and artists to the global audience.

NFT is generally considered as the most imaginative asset type in the future in the encrypted world, and it is also an important part of the meta-universe concept.

At present, NFT is developing rapidly, but there are also problems of lack of supervision, which leads to problems such as insufficient industry models and blocked information channels. Therefore, both developers and investors are currently operating in a transparent and safe market.

GameFi is also a project type of blockchain, which has the potential to maximize the advantages of blockchain and NFT, but it also lacks a perfect basic environment. At present, there is a lack of a valuable distribution platform for multi-chain deployment in GameFi field.

In the future, human beings will be invaded by a virus, resulting in a large area of death and a sharp decline in population. In order to survive, some surviving humans come to a wilderness. They have temporarily avoided the crisis, but on this resource poor and dangerous island, how to survive is a test of the player’s wisdom and skills. What players need to do is constantly challenge the limits in the wilderness and explore their own survival limits. By finding various resources in the wilderness, the survivors explore the treasures and rich minerals in the wilderness. At the same time, the survivors break through the difficult living environment, prevent poisonous mosquitoes from biting, escape from the fear of wild bears, avoid crocodiles in the river, create their own shelter in the vast wilderness jungle, explore valuable resources, mine rare crystals and constantly innovate hunting tools, Set traps for wild animals to catch prey as food and strive to the vast wilderness jungle, explore valuable resources, mine rare crystals and constantly innovate hunting tools, Set traps for wild animals to catch prey as food and strive to survive.

in the vast wilderness jungle, explore valuable resources, mine rare crystals and constantly innovate hunting tools, Set traps for wild animals to catch prey as food and strive to survive.

  1. Introduction to the game?


The wilderness survival chain tour was jointly developed by the original team of green hell and moon gamer, which continues the previous settings and creates a new immersive survival chain tour in combination with metauniverse + NFT. It is an open, interactive and decentralized virtual world based on BSC blockchain. The perfect deductive application is an open and transparent pipeline of the blockchain and runs on the BSC chain. At the same time, the wilderness survival game will soon launch its own public chain. The wilderness survival series games are divided into hunting games, jungle exploration, leaping waterfalls, going out of the desert, guarding territory, the end of the decisive battle and other scenes, which are gradually unlocked. Many of the functions of wilderness survival will create unique experiences, as well as ownership models and forensic technology.

There are three main resources in the game, corresponding to three different types of Tokens:

NFT store, such as beast net, forging hammer, etc. the tools can be purchased or transferred between players.

Tools include shotgun, forging hammer, crystal, etc. the cost, function and income of different tools are different. For example, animal meat meat meat coins can be obtained by using animal net and bow and arrow; Iron iron coins can be obtained by hammer and forging hammer; The mining machine can mine crystals. Players can choose appropriate tools according to their actual situation / financial strength. Tools can be purchased from scattered markets or other gold miners.

The contents and prices of various tools NFTs can be seen in the wild survival NFT mall. The lowest investment is to buy a hammer at a price of 2400l & amp; The current market price of 400C is almost 2 bnbs, and the purchase of a shotgun is 3200C & amp; 19200l, the current market price is 20 bnbs, and the input cost is relatively high. From the data point of view, the current investment cycle ranges from 20 days to 3 months. The production ratio of different tools varies. The tool NFT can also be sold after it is bought. If the game continues to be hot and new players enter, sometimes NFT increases greatly.

Ecosystem fund

The wilderness survival ecological fund will initially be managed by the wilderness survival core team, and its core purpose is to develop the wilderness survival community. In order to maintain the integrity of the fund, the team will prepare annual statements, including a high-level overview of the use of the funds. The expenditure framework is currently being drafted and is expected to be ready by the end of 2021. The principles of the fund are as follows: clear KPIs and targets for value unlocking funds are added for the wider wilderness survival community (if applicable). Over time, the ecosystem fund will be integrated into the BSC, and stakeholders will be able to vote on who should receive the funds.

Decentralized organization

Wilderness survival will gradually evolve into a community-owned decentralized organization. This process takes place in wilderness survival, which is distributed between players and gamblers. Over time, the ownership of wilderness survival becomes less centralized. The wilderness survival team will be able to vote using the locked play to earn and stacking reward allocation. This will prevent hostile actors from destroying ecosystems in the early and critical stages of development. We estimate that by September 2023, wilderness survival will no longer have a majority.


Wilderness survival game guild

The wild survival guild is also a very important existence for the game. As the organizational structure in the wild survival game, the guild can attract a large number of individual users, become guild users and improve the stickiness of users in the game; Guild is an interactive group established in the game, and the interaction and discussion between guild users are much higher than ordinary individual users; As an organization with a large user base, survival wilderness is designed for the user group at the beginning of the publicity. In the guild group, the effect is far better and more efficient than that for ordinary individual users. Users have higher quality, greater stickiness, greater contribution to the survival of the wilderness, and higher rate of return

Stay tuned for the wilderness survival gamefi coming online. 


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