“Interstellar Dimension” is a strategy chain game based on NFT+DeFi+SLG developed by the BSC public chain. The game consists of Wallstreet Cfa, Yield Guild Games (YGG), MetaOne, Polygon, ABGA, MetaEstate, Hatten technology, Binance, etc. Well-known institutions at home and abroad have invested and worked together to create, “Interstellar Dimension” interprets the new concept of the meta universe, providing players with an immersive space exploration environment. 

In Interstellar Dimension, players obtain various resource collectors through supply boxes. Collectors can collect resources in space. These resources can not only be used to synthesize advanced collectors, but each resource is also a token of the game.

一、Supply box introduction

1.Participating in the game has at least one resource collector, which can be purchased through the official website of the game and the supply box can be drawn. After the game is online, the collector will be synthesized through the resources in the game.

2. Supply box type and description.

3. Select the type of supply box, click Open supply box and authorize the wallet.

4. Obtained collectors can be viewed in Technology Warehouse.

二、Gameplay introduction

1.After the player has a resource collector, click on space station to add a collector.

2.Click add to enter the warehouse, select the collector, and authorize the wallet to complete the addition.

3.After the addition is complete, the collector will work. It can collect resources every 2 hours. The collector needs to consume a certain amount of energy when working. In the receive resources, the collected resources can be extracted to the wallet. The collector status can be in space view in station.

4.The base can be used to host the collector, and at the same time increase the revenue ratio of the collector. Players can upgrade the base in upgrade my base.

  1. Each player has an initial energy value of 500 points. The collector consumes energy during resource collection. Players can use energy crystals to supplement the energy value. At the same time, every time a collector is added, the upper limit of the player’s energy value will also increase.


6.Different quality collectors have different durability. The durability is restored every 24 hours. Players must ensure that the durability of the collector is greater than 0, otherwise the collector will not work normally. At the same time, the player can supplement the durability of the collector by consuming alloy ore.

Note: The collector with a durability of 0 cannot be unloaded, it must be refilled before it can be disassembled.

7.After the game is online, the collector can be synthesized by alloy ore + meteorite fragments.

8.In-game players can add friends through the Star Alliance ID, interact and plunder resources, each time they can plunder 1% of the uncollected resources from their friends, they can actively plunder 3 times every 24 hours, and they may be plundered up to 10 times every 24 hours.

9.[Galactic Purification Event] is open once a week in the game,Players must use three resource collectors to clean up space junk. The event can receive energy crystals and alloy ore rewards.

10. The 2.0 version of the game “Interstellar Dimension: Invasion of the Galaxy” will open the interstellar alliance, interstellar war, PVP and other gameplay. Players can unite with their interstellar friends to form a personalized interstellar alliance, participate in interstellar wars to win more and more generous rewards, and at the same time In the PVP battle, more game elements that are beneficial to the player’s income will also be added.

Version 2.0 is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2022, so stay tuned.

三、Interstellar Dimension link




【Discord】 https://discord.gg/bWYFtwv7XS

【Medium】 https://medium.com/@interstel_dim

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