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Coin name: Brave (Warrior Coin)

Contract address: 0xadb5ab463c060632df20fac209e703799b146f50

Official website: https://bravetoken.finance/

Chinese Telegram: https://0.plus/BraveToken_China

The total amount of Bravetoken issued is 1 trillion, and the circulating market value is 6.7 million knives (50% of the circulation disk has been entered into the black hole address for the address number incentive combustion mechanism, and the number of addresses in the previous period has exceeded 2,000 and has burned 100% Fifth, as the number of addresses soars, we are confident that all the tokens of the black hole address will be burned in a short time) The actual circulation of 3.45 million dollars, the first lossless bnb dividend incentive mechanism on the bsc chain, in order to ensure the safety of the mechanism, the project code belongs to us The team is original and has undergone a security audit. Please correct me.

After the game is launched, we will hold a global bounty event to find loopholes. At present, we have locked a 100bnb liquidity pool in Pizza. The trading dividend mechanism can only be traded on the official swap exchange. The slippage is ten points, of which 3 %bnb enters the 72-hour interest fund pool, enjoys unlimited dividends every three days, 2%bnb is used for random dividends for every 100 transactions (holdings of more than one trillion yuan have the right to dividends), and 1%bnb is used for team marketing incentives and Repurchase, 4% of Bravetoken tokens are burned, and each transaction achieves deflation. At present, we have 3329 consensus participants around the world. With the orderly advancement of the first game project, Bravetoken will gradually attract many game enthusiasts around the world to build a strong consensus. We are confident that Bravetoken will become a dark horse in the field of Defigames.

Recently, the primary market in the currency circle has flew up and down. There are countless people in various ZILLA sets before, and then there are squids repeatedly jumping horizontally, killing people and killing people. In a ruthless market, if you want to be a profitable minority, the first thing you need to do is early, the sooner you enter the market, the lower the price of chips, and secondly, you must seize the vent, and the projects that stand on the vent can greatly increase your profit. The probability.

Therefore, the formula for getting rich in the primary market should be to join a reliable project on the frontline as soon as possible. Now there is such an opportunity, which is the meta-universe chain game and weapon NFT project that this article will introduce-Brave Token (Warrior Token).

First of all, Brave Token (Warrior Token) is early enough, the project went online for less than a month, and it is still at the absolute bottom. It is very important that you can get an absolute low-cost bargaining chip when you enter the market.

Brave Token has been compulsorily included by non-small accounts! CMC has also submitted information and should be online soon.

Secondly, it is reliable. The Brave Token creation team is from Singapore, and it often flashes the telegram group and the token holders to communicate the progress of the project, and the creation team is a game technical team. From the information disclosed by the project party, the game It will be a very grand meta-universe hero game with a world view. (The weapon NFT will also be fused.)

Brave Token (Warrior Token) is a project that stands on the absolute frontier. It integrates nft (weapon nft), chain games, and defi. It is also an original non-destructive dividend bnb project on the entire network. It can go to the exchange to guess how many zeros. ?

Just now, the Warriors project team announced the first game teaser poster.

Our first mini game will be launched at the end of the year, and the warriors will soon usher in the first gold game, and there are a variety of warrior characters in the game to choose from, and the weapon NFT also has a vague preview.

Before the game goes live, the project team will issue three posters for a global preview. When all three posters are issued, an AMA with more than 100,000 people worldwide will be held!

Our overseas community operators have quite a lot of connections with cz, and because the Warriorcoin holds BNB dividends, cz frequently dark milks, don’t wait until the bright milk to get on the bus!

As of this article, Brave Token (Warrior Token) has been published in more than 200 media around the world to announce the game posters! CG CMC fast track and hot search have been submitted!

A round of poster announcements is to bomb the currency circle time and time again with value items. We are confident that the market value will exceed 100 million before the game goes live (the current market value is only a few million dollars, an excellent time to get on the car)! After the game is launched, the economic model will be stabilized, and the currency price will be tens of thousands of times, and Binance will be launched!

In FACEBOOK renamed meta (meta universe), any chain game currency on the exchange can easily erase one zero and two zeros. This is not over yet, they are still erasing zero! This is the power of tuyere and capital!

Maybe this article will change your destiny.

Super community consensus, early projects, cg, cmc, will be launched soon, the game will be launched in one and a half months, grab your wealth password! Welcome to join the Warriors!

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Contract address: 0xadb5ab463c060632df20fac209e703799b146f50

Official website: https://bravetoken.finance/

Chinese Telegram: https://0.plus/BraveToken_China

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