DeFi is one of the hottest concepts in blockchain in the last two years. In addition, with the rise of NFT and DAO concepts, DeFi has a new value creation track. Gaming is one of the earliest and largest areas of blockchain application. Whether NFT or the concept of GAMEFI, gaming is certainly one of the best scenarios to put into use.

Blockchain + games is very exciting because it can empower players and enhance their experience. On the basis of decentralized game operation rules formed by blockchain + games, the addition of NFT and GAMEFI provides a more superior asset circulation foundation and realistic experience of virtual reality for this chain game ecosystem.

MetaGala. Finance is a decentralized Gamefi platform. It was created by a silicon Valley research and development team, aiming to solve the trust and security problems of game asset management with blockchain technology. Through point – to – point information transmission, a shared and co-built distributed database is formed.By integrating DEFI, games, NFT, financial management to build a safe, reliable, interesting and low threshold of Gamefi ecosystem.

MetaGala. Finance perfectly inherits the characteristics and advantages of traditional blockchain ecosystem technology, actively solves the technical bottleneck of the current blockchain, and truly combines blockchain with DEFI, games, NFT and financial management applications. In addition, MetaGala. Finance actively and continuously invests in the research and development of innovative technologies represented by blockchain technology, and applies it to enhance the value of traditional industries and to promote the vigorous development of blockchain technology in all walks of life. With a clear strategic development direction, to create a mutually beneficial blockchain and decentralized chain tourism ecosystem in the 21st century.

Going forward, MetaGala.Finance is committed to shaping and improving the digital economy by using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, big data and 5G, and creating token economy backbone and decentralized chain game infrastructure for the future through MGF and MGFA. The windows for communities to access digital economy consensus will be opened by building global consensus.Taking consensus as the core to create a more fair, just, democratic and free value circulation ecosystem, and driving the arrival of the token economy era.

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