XAR blockchain game AR Life builds a blockchain in NFT and the metaverse to go to the scope, watch virtual reality online in a centralized virtual reality center, and integrate role-playing and story-type game platforms into virtual social networks. Players can play in the virtual world to buy weapons, armor, props and gems. Participate in different collection virtual, life, action and other games. So z XAR Coin is the first and only – a cross-metaverse and NFT realm. XAR Coin will all bring benefits in the form of the in-game token XAR.

XAR game ecological integration strategy, collection and cultivation and other gameplay, with strong gameplay. It is also the main body of the current stage of the NFT metaverse ecology. XAR uses games as a drainage, and creates traffic for XAR in the early stage, giving the token real circulation value, opening up the trading channel between users and the platform, and providing broader traffic support for XAR Ecology 2.0 , so as to create a consensus base for XAR.

Under the technical support of Binance Smart Chain, the XAR Coin virtual life blockchain game system has the characteristics of decentralization, transparency and token incentives. In addition, XAR Coin quickly gathered a large number of top international blockchain talents, aiming to take the online game industry as an opportunity to drive industry changes and build the world’s top blockchain game infrastructure and NFT and Metaverse ecological application systems. XAR Coin integrates third-party resources through the blockchain network and token mechanism, so that the online virtual environment and the physical environment are integrated, creating a borderless entertainment world and creating an unprecedented entertainment experience for global users.

In the future, XAR Coin will continue to expand its diverse ecosystem including storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, game props trading platform, NFT props asset exchange, advertising platform, metaverse mining and incubator, providing services for players, miners, R&D, channel merchants, etc. And so on for a complete game solution. Developers can also create blockchain applications through the XAR Coin toolset, as well as obtain comprehensive NFT service support through other platforms.

XAR Token:

Max Total Supply: 760,000,000 (XAR)

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