On October 29, Facebook stated that it regarded Metaverse as the future of its business, and announced a rebranding and rebranding of its parent company to Meta (short for Metaverse, that is, Metaverse) to make the company’s positioning clearer. Meta is the new name of Facebook’s entire company, and its individual applications and services, such as Facebook itself, and WhatsApp, will continue to be Meta’s brands.

Introduction to the meta-universe concept

The meta universe is a concept that describes the future iteration of the Internet, consisting of a persistent, shared 3D virtual space connected to a perceivable virtual universe. The meta-universe in a broad sense not only refers to the virtual world, but also refers to the entire Internet, including the entire scope of augmented reality.

In fact, the meta-universe is not a single thing, but a collection of open worlds and settings based on interoperable assets and experiences. For example, collectible NFT assets can be turned into 3D digital identities, and their owners can bring them into various cyberspaces, whether for work, entertainment, exercise, or social interaction.

At present, the development of Meta Universe is still in a very early stage. As the underlying technology support of Meta Universe, Fire Phoenix FIX mainly solves: network and computing technology can solve the problem of unlimited and low latency anytime and anywhere; Internet of Things technology, interactive technology (VR) /AR/MR/XR) can solve the problem of immersion; electronic game technology (such as game engine, game code, multimedia resources) and artificial intelligence technology provide solutions for social, diversification and creation; blockchain technology can solve Digital identity and economic issues in the meta universe-for example, NFT can give credible value and ownership to any item in the virtual world, and provide the generation, confirmation, pricing, circulation, and traceability of digital assets in the meta universe. Low-level support.

Flaming Phenix (GemeFi+NFT) 11/8 at 20:30 pm, U.S. time, 8:30 am, Singapore time, November 9 at the world’s leading decentralized exchanges to gradually build a liquidity pool based on market value data and open transactions at the same time The token FIX is a game currency based on the Binance Blockchain (BSC), which is mainly used for game construction and NFT creation and value transmission. Among them, the initial public offering and private placement stage financing is as high as tens of millions of dollars.

The liquidity pool is a place where tokens are collected, and users conduct transactions in a decentralized manner. These pools are created by users who want to profit and decentralized applications (or Dapps for short). In order to gather liquidity, two equal tokens will be provided: the original token (FIX token) and the base token (USDT).

How to inject liquidity into the FIX/USDT pool

1.Visit Pancakeswap, https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance to connectTP wallet;

2.Click “Liquidity” to add liquidity to FIX/USDT, enter the amount you want to invest in the FIX column, Pancakeswap will calculate the corresponding USDT amount, and you need to invest in two currencies.

After the authorization is completed, click “Confirm Supply (confirm)” to provide liquidity. Please check all the details before confirming.




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